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Abby Park, voiced by Hyein Park, is at the heart of Disney Pixar’s Turning Red. Ming Lee, Miriam Mendelsohn, and Priya Mangal are her closest friends.

She is also the feistiest and shortest member of her friend group.

Abby has a knack for finding creative solutions and often uses her robotics skills to help out when needed.

But she isn’t afraid to take risks either and will try anything, no matter how dangerous it seems.

You’ll Need:

  1. Purple Overalls
  2. Purple Turtleneck
  3. Purple Headband
  4. Black Straight Wig with Bangs
  5. Heart Earrings
  6. Cherry Red Boots
  7. Rainbow Bracelet
  8. Purple Watch
  9. Flower Patches

DIY Abby Turning Red  Cosplay Guide

To recreate the Abby Park look, you will first need to get Purple Overalls. A cute touch can be added to the overalls with some Flower Patches.

Then, match the style with Purple Turtleneck and Cherry Red Boots.

You can incorporate Rainbow Bracelet into your outfit. Add Purple Watch and Heart Earrings to give the overall look a pop of color.

Finally, complete the look by adding a Purple Headband to the Black Straight Wig with Bangs.

The Psychology of Turning Red: Abby – Therapist Reacts!  | Halloween Costume Ideas

Abby Turning Red  Cosplay Costume

The Abby Turning Red costume comes in many shades of purple and is full of color and vibrancy.

Give your costume an extra dose of fun by forming a group costume at the party. You can invite your friends to dress up as Priya Mangal, Lily, Tyler, Miriam Mendelsohn, Helen, and Ming Lee. Create an eye-catching focal point with your Turning Red friends.

Abby Turning Red Cosplay

About Abby From Turning Red 

Abby Park is a spunky and intelligent girl with a passion for robotics. She has an unquenchable curiosity and loves to explore the world around her.

Despite being the shortest of her friends, she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She’s also determined to find solutions to whatever problems come her way, no matter how big or small.

She’s always up for an adventure and loves being able to explore the world with her friends, whether it’s chasing after a giant robot or uncovering the secrets of an ancient temple.

Abby’s fearless and positive attitude helps her friends stay strong during their journey. In the end, Abby’s courage and creativity helped save the day.

What is the most famous quote from Abby Turning Red?

1. “Fight the power!”

2. “I’ll guard it with my life.”

3. “Let’s burn this place to the ground!”

4. “My mom cuts his hair at the salon, and I felt it. It’s very soft.”

5. “He said your mom went nuts.”

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